Hidden Dangers in the Garage

With so many investing in garages, and new homes being built with them as standard. Therefore, we wanted to give our customers a low down of some of the dangers that could be hidden in your garage, and of course how to fix them.

Unmarked stairs

Slips and falls are the garages biggest danger. And stairs, are the biggest culprit. So how do you fix this? A sturdy handrail should be attached to the both sides of any stairway. With white or reflective tape being placed on the edges (even if just a couple) – so they’re easily visible both day and night.


A common use for the garage is storing pesticides, automotive fluids, antifreeze, paint. Presumably, haphazardly placed all over the garage. Harsh chemicals can erode improper containers and leak fumes or liquids which cause burns. Our top tip? Ensure that dangerous liquids are always stored in their original containers, and then sealed tightly. Also, regular clean ups of the garage area will ensure that the chemicals are always kept tidily.

The Kid’s Toys

Toys or sports gear which is stored near liquid chemicals, increases the chances that kids will be exposed to harmful toxins. Also, storing them up high may encourage children to stand on unsteady boxes in order to climb to reach them. What can you do? Designate a corner of the garage for any bikes, sleds or sports equipment and toys. Ensure to keep them on a low shelf, using hooks to hang them on the wall within easy reach for the children. Keep all loose items like sports ball in bins or mesh bags.

Smoke Detector

With so many chemicals usually stored within the garage, it is of vital importance that a smoke detector is fitted in the garage. However, it is of equal importance to ensure that the battery is regularly changed and the alarm is tested frequently (It is advised this is done monthly). So what’s our recommendation here? Well ensure that when you check your house smoke alarms, ensure that you do a routine check of that of your garage smoke detector. It may also be a good idea to invest in a fire extinguisher. Hanging it somewhere with easy access and close to an exit. Ensure that everyone in the family knows how to use it.

And if you’re using the garage as a workshop? Perhaps invest in a carbon monoxide detector.

Vulnerable Entry

You’d never leave your home wide open or unlocked, however most aren’t quite as careful with the garage, even when attached to the house. It’s reported that an increase in ‘garage hopping’ has occurred. The summer months see a rise, as most keep alcohol stored there, and in the winter months, specifically around Christmas. What’s the solution? If the garage directly connects to the home, ensure it’s secure as you would with any other entrance, with a professionally installed bolt. Other garage doors and windows should also be fixed with locks and kept closed when the garage is not in use.

Ensuring you find a reputable garage builder who’ll be able to advise you on any hidden dangers in your garage.