Stacked Stone Fire Features


This winter, don’t let the cold weather keep you indoors. With the right materials, your outdoor space can become a welcoming, comfortable oasis, and a place where your family can relax during even the coldest winter months. Using stacked stone to create a fire feature is one great way to make your patio or yard a year-round space.

To start, stop thinking of your outdoor space as a simple patio with a summertime grill on top. To make the most of your space in all four seasons, invest in a stacked stone fire feature, which can become a design focal point all on its own. For example, use a stunning white or black granite stacked stone to create a sleek and modern gas fire pit that reflects the starry sky.

Stacked stone can be used for more than just a horizontal fire feature. For a twist on the traditional, build an an outdoor fireplace inspired by your indoor family room. Surround it with stacked stone in a brick-like pattern in warm browns, reds, and beiges, and pair it with comfortable furniture that extends your indoor space outdoors.

Since stacked stone is easy to install and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, you can get creative and create a design that’s unique and custom built for your space. Try a unique accent wall with a fire feature built right in, and surround it with stacked stone in a variety of materials, from rustic, textured stone in browns and beiges, to sparkly silver travertine that picks up the flickering fire lights and creates motion and visual interest.

As winter rolls around, don’t keep your family cooped up indoors. Use stacked stone to create a fresh, inspired space, and let your family and friends to gather together to warm up, socialize, and and admire the stars.