Refinishing Wood: Essential Tools and Supplies

This article is for people who are interested in wood work or who plan to renovate their old pieces of furniture. Below you will find some techniques and tools that would be of great use for such projects.

1) A nice thick stripper for paint removal. One of the most important parts of furniture restoration process is to get rid of the old paint and dirt on your piece. This is why you need to get a goopy product that will cling to the piece and get thick coats of paint off.

2) Thin stripper for finish removal. After you have removed the paint there is a layer of finish hidden below that must also be removed for the proper restoration. In this case you will need a very thin stripper to get under the layers of thin finish. After you get rid of the lawyer, wash the furniture with water and brush away any small pieces. Repeat this until you see the bare wood.

3) A power sander. Now that the basic preparation works are over you will need to sand the whole pie of furniture with a sander. If you have a big wardrobe or a dinner table, then a power sander can cut you down on time considerable. In case you are dealing with small pieces or carving pieces, make sure to do it manually with sanding paper.

4) Good sandpaper. Even if you used automatic power sander, experts advise to manually sand the whole piece again to ensure that it is perfect.

5) Wipe-on stains and finishes. When you proceed to finishing your piece of furniture with the finish, be read you get dirty, especially if this is your first work. Professionals advise using special wipe-on products in order to avoid finish stains all over your work place and yourself.

A tip about finish is not to rush. Finish should be applied very accurately and with thin layers. After the layer is complete, leave it to dry for at least seven hours before you apply the next layer. Make sure that you do not let bubbles appear on the finish. The easiest way to avoid them is by using a roller.

6) Paint type. Paint type should match your product as well as type of wood you are working with. If you are not a professional and do not know the difference, make sure to get a consultation of a shop assistant when buying the paint.

7) Fine steel wool and paste wax. If you want to preserve natural color of your wooden piece then you need to protect it with the wax or lacquer. If you check this page to buy used furniture that was renovated then you will see that wax is a more preferable option, so opt for it in your project.

Now you are all set to start renovating whatever you have made of wood. The last tip we give is to be confident and follow the instructions to get the best effect.