Create the Perfect Look for Your Home

If you’ve been looking in magazines and watching the design shows, then chances are you have a bunch of design ideas. With a limited budget though, this can slow your plans down. Use these tips to help you design on a dime.

Money-Saving Design Tips

Set a Realistic Budget

For starters, if you’re going to make changes in your home, you have to establish a realistic budget. Knowing how much money you have can help you decide what’s really important. While you might want to redecorate a room from top to bottom, if you only have enough money for a throw rug and paintings, then you may want to cut back on the high priced items.

Look for ways that you can cut back. For example, instead of Roche Bobois furniture, turn to one of their catalogs for color schemes and ideas, but shop at Ikea. You can find great deals for high-end West Elm furnishings on Ebay or Craigslist. For interior design ideas in Detroit MI check online for discount furniture stores that can help you stay within your budget.

Reduce Overhead Costs

If you’ve decided to hire people to help you design a new look for your living room or bedroom, you may want to factor in how much it will costs if you hire one handyman instead of a whole team. If the workers you are hiring are working hourly, you may want to think about establishing a set price for the entire job. That way you won’t have to worry about looking at the clock while they stand around doing nothing.

You may want to look at the specific changes you want to make and do them yourself. This can help you save time and you won’t cut into your budget either. Look for tutorials on sites like YouTube to help you with video demonstrations – and don’t feel bad. There are tons of people who don’t know how to drill for new curtain rods or measure to hang a series of pictures evenly.

Think Feng Shui or Minimalist

Another great way to help you design your space is to give it a minimalist look, i.e, with less furniture. Houzz suggestsmoving the furniture back to give it breathing room. Sometimes a large coffee table and sectional are all you need to fill up a room. This can save you from trying to fill every corner with furniture. Just make sure that you are looking at images in magazines or online to help you find the right look or add the perfect water source.

Get Bold Ideas

To help you find the right look for your home, turn to sites like Pinterest which has thousands of great images. You may find that you end up with so many new looks you don’t know which to choose from! And ultimately, that’s the whole point.

Be sure that with your rooms you take “Before and After” photos or shoot videos and show them off to your friends and family. Who knows? You might have a new calling as an interior decorator or designer!