How to Adjust Fan Speed for different types of fans

Fans are used in the summer season to get rid of the hot and humid environment and to the air circulating inside the house or building. There are different kinds of fans available for people to buy according to their needs. They come in various sizes and styles. The modes, switches, and features of many types of fans are also not the same rather they are made according to the functionalities of the fans and the price range. If you are planning to buy a fan for your home or office, make sure you know the basic details about the fan. Once you are familiar with the necessary details, you can click here to buy the fan that suits your requirement.

Adjusting the fan speed is one of the basic things that one should know. People are supposed to set the speed of their fans according to their need. For example, if the weather is pleasant there is no reason to run the fan on its highest speed; on the other hand, if it is sweltering outside then you would prefer to increase its speed as much as possible.

  • The Switch Board Type: There can be various ways for adjusting the speed of fans depending on their features and technology used. Mostly the commonly used pedestal fans have a separate board of switch, and its speed is adjusted manually. Along with it’s on and off switch, there is a circular component that is used for changing the speed of the fan as required. It is effortless and easy to use.
  • Pull Cord or Pull Chain Type: Some other fans, like a bracket fan there is a string hanging down the fans. There are three or four steps in the fan for adjusting the speed. When the thread is pulled in the downward direction, then the speed of the fan changes accordingly. It starts from step “zero” when the fans become off. At step “one” it has the maximum speed. At the last step, it has the minimum speed, after which if the string is pulled further the fan stops.
  • Remote controlled type: Nowadays, the modern pedestal fans come up with a remote control, and they usually have a digital display. So, in that case, you have to adjust their speed accordingly. Also, many ceiling fans now come with the option to regulate speed and light using a remote.

The regular fans are of two types, i.e. electronic fans and the conventional fans. They differ because of the difference in their technologies used. The system used to control the speed of the fans is a bit technical and arduous comparatively. The regulator is the actual component that controls the rate of speed of a fan. To understand its working, you should first have a clear concept of how a regulator works.

The regulator is such a conductor that only works with a particular range of resistance for the passage of current. There are wire spools in the regulator that have varying amounts of resistance. The knob is also there, and it is set at a specific position; the resistance then gets in series with the fan. If there is a series of connection, it indicates that there is a proportionality between the resistance and the motor.