It is All Started with Crystal Clear Windows


Visual presentation is very important for retail business. Most people are coming inside the store because they are interested with the products shown on the window display and the storefront. You know very well the dogma in retail business, the more visitor coming into the store, the more sales can be expected. That’s why visual merchandising is both art and science. It is all about creating the right display and presentation to make it visually attractive and effectively invite people to come by. Yes, that’s a very sophisticated thing but don’t ever forget a small detail like how clean the window on the store front.

Visual presentation is all about letting people to see the display and becomes interested on it. But no matter how impressive the window display is, it won’t be effective and practically useless when people outside can’t clearly see the display because the windows at the storefront are not clean enough. Let’s admit that windows cleaning is one little detail often missed yet it has very important role. Some stores are requiring employees to clean the windows every morning. It is quite helpful but may not be really effective.

When the last time the windows at your stores were thoroughly cleaned. I bet you don’t even remember it. Throughout the years, the windows are exposed to the sun shines, withstanding rains and snowfalls, and not to mention all the dust and polluted smokes from the road. All of those have bad effects to the glass windows. This is the right time to consider doing windows cleaning thoroughly and it is much better to hire professional cleaning service to handle the work. When it comes to the best and most trusted CT Window Cleaners, there’s one name you can count on and that is American Painting & Windows Cleaning. Since 1985, this company has been providing professional windows cleaning service for both commercial and residential properties around Fairfield and greater area. A licensed and certified contractor, this company has top reputation for its high quality service and very competitive rate. No wonder it has many loyal customers that would be really happy to refer this company.

American Painting & Windows Cleaning really understands the important roles of perfectly clean windows on the storefronts. This company has been in commercial windows cleaning service business for decades. This company has team of professional window cleaners highly trained, highly experienced, and more importantly, highly committed to deliver the best quality works. Those professionals are supported with complete cleaning tools and supporting equipment and gears for effective cleaning works with optimum result no matter how difficult the location of the windows. They will clean both sides of the windows removing all dust and stains and bring back the crystal clear glass. American Painting & Windows Cleaning is also committed to use only best quality cleaning products proven to be environmental friendly and 100% safe without leaving any dangerous residue. Visit the website to request for free quote. You can be sure you will only pay the price on the quote without any hidden fee.