Plans submitted to turn supermarket into place of worship

With the abundance of TV shows that focus on DIY, renovation and new-build housing, we have become very familiar with the conversion of churches into private dwellings or retail premises. Now, in an unusual move, it has been reported that there are plans afoot in Aberdeenshire to turn a former supermarket into a church.

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It has been reported that plans to convert a former Co-op into a church have been submitted to the local planning department.

Strong local support

As the building has been empty for a number of years, it has grown increasingly dilapidated and there appears to be a real consensus of support from local people to ensure that the building can be revamped. New windows and doors will be installed, and the exterior of the building will be re-cladded.

Energy efficiency

It is likely that any planning permission will include a requirement for the building to be as energy efficient as possible, including a requirement to install energy efficient windows and doors.

There are numerous opportunities throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland for such renovation projects for anyone who is seeking a challenge, and particularly in and around major cities such as Dublin.

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Anyone considering such work should carry out thorough research as to what products are available on the market, particularly in relation to available fitters and suppliers of windows and doors in Dublin. There are a number of companies that provide Dublin windows and doors and it should be easy to find one that can offer a full service of advice, made to measure, and fitting many different types of windows and doors.

Go green and save our heritage

Ensuring that old buildings do not fall into irreversible disrepair should be high on the agenda for any local authority. Rather than having to continually replace old buildings as they become unfit for purpose, it is often better for the environment to save the buildings that already exist. The advantages include less new materials being used and ensuring that less waste is created.

It is also important for many urban areas that their built heritage is kept alive or regenerated, even if this heritage is an old supermarket! It can only be hoped that Aberdeenshire Council approves the planning application that has been submitted.