How to Choose Good Quality Office Chairs


Working in an office setting involves having to spend majority of the time sitting on an Office Chairs. While sitting may not seem like a vigorous activity, this position undeniable adds so much pressure to the human spinal structure. To understand the magnitude of this issue, let’s calculate how much time an average desk-bound office worker spend in the sitting position over the course of a year.

At approximately 45 office hours a week, an average office worker spends about 2,160 hours a year! If you were to multiply that calculation by the number of years of an average worker’s career, you would be surprised to find out that a large portion of their lives are spent desk-bound, in their office chair.

What to look for in a good office chair

As the employer, you are responsible for the well-being of their own staff. Nothing good can come out of having a crippling workforce. When your staff is always at the top of their health, there will be less sick leave and ultimately, productivity of your business will increase significantly. The easiest way to do this is, without a doubt, by switching to ergonomic office chairs that provides adequate support and promotes health as well as proper posture.

One of the biggest mistake a business owner can make is to focus solely on the aesthetic value of the of their workplace. While no one can deny the importance of the interior of your office, focusing on the looks of your furniture and decor without taking the health of those who have to sit on it for approximately 8-hours a day will lead to numerous issues down the line. Now that we have gotten your attention, see the following list of what makes a good office chair to help you get started:

  • Proper lumbar support

A good office chair always comes with adequate lower back support. Some of the premium ergonomic chairs even provide proper lumbar support which can be easily adjusted. Thus allowing workers to adjust the chair to fit their lower back position, effectively preventing health issues such as back strain which, over time, may develop into a debilitating sciatica condition.

  • Adjustability options

If you think the basic arm and height adjustment that many of standard office chairs is more than enough, you are in for a surprise. Yes, while they may be sufficient, but the adjustability of a good ergonomic chairs is not limited to arm and height. Simply because they also feature adjustable seat height and width, lumbar support, arm height and width, seat and back angle, as well as a unique tension control.

Other features that make a good chair

Fabric, wheel base and swivel base are three features. Always opt for a breathable fabric material to prevent the chair from heating up after hours of sitting on it. The chair must also have an adequate cushion made of memory foam for comfort. Swivel base and wheel base are also considered important as they allow workers to access every part of the desk freely with their office chairs, without having to over-extend their arms or strain their back to reach or retrieve items they need.