Moonly, the Relaxing Moon Night Light

 Moon night light is all the rage right now. Those who understand the importance of night light would agree that it is not hard to see why everyone seems to have fallen head over heels for this little invention. But those who are unaware the need to have a night light would chalk it up to the assumption that they serve no purpose other than to make the room looks good.

While it is true that the moon light boosts the overall aesthetic of your room, truth of the matter is it does serve a purpose. This is exactly the reason why we love Moonly, the moon-shaped night light is a thing of beauty that is also highly functional. With the latest 3D technology, this unique lamp is specially designed with realistic prints of the moon’s surface to achieve its adoring look.

Layer over layer of these prints are stacked neatly resulting in an ncredibly realistic appearance of the beautiful moon we see dangling on the dark sky at night. With this level of beauty, many of us perhaps are taken aback. Yes, it may come off a surprise that the night light actually works because we are very used to purchasing a beautifully designed product only for it to fail after a day or two.

The same cannot be said for Luna Lamp, however. Not only does it come with a stunning design, it also comes equipped with mind-blowing dual light and a responsive Touch Button to switch the light to the desired illumination color. It does not matter whether you would like to have a yellow or pale blue glow, with a switch you can have it set up and you will be good to go. No fuss, and no muss.

As its name suggests, a night light is a light that you purposely leave on when the night comes. The purpose behind it is to illuminate the entire room with an unintrusive glow. That way you will be able to sleep soundly and when you wake up to make a trip to the bathroom, you will still be able to see your surrounding without having to interrupt your partner’s good night’s sleep.

Moonly Night Lamp boasts an appealing glow that is bright enough to illuminate the entire room, but not extremely bright to the point it disrupts sleep – let alone prevents you to go back to sleep. The fact that Moonly is an LED light is also another reason why it is one of the best night lights on the market. Ever notice how lamps radiates heat and makes the entire room warmer or hotter than it needs to be?

The fact that Moonly uses LED light ensures homeowners that it will not heat up your room. Not only that, the fact that the color of the light can be changed easily makes it all the more interesting. Moonly can guarantee an inviting look that illuminates the right part of the interior, and when bed time comes, it can be switched to the yellow light – with it relaxing ambience it glows, you and your family won’t have difficulties falling asleep.