4 Essential Soundproofing Tips for Your Home

Our homes are noisier than ever. Between lighter construction, the high number of electric appliances, high performance audio gear and the increase of open floor plans, soundproofing a home is more difficult than ever. In this article, we’re going to give you a few tips on how to minimize sound in your house.

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Cut Down on Noisy Appliances and Equipment

First, we have to go at the source. While getting rid of your current dishwasher can seem drastic, keeping your appliances in good working order is part of the solution. Try to look out for any unfamiliar sounds and have them fixed immediately by a technician before it aggravates. If the appliance in question is beyond repair, then you should consider getting a replacement. The good news is that manufacturers are aware of the sound issue and nearly all new home appliances are virtually noiseless.

Sound Absorbing Materials

Sound absorbing materials will make a huge difference on sound pollution in your house. Hard surfaces have a tendency to reflect sound, while softer fabrics and materials absorb them. Instead of hard surfaces, you should consider investing in padded carpeting and acoustic ceilings. You could also consider using acoustic plaster spray on hard surfaces around the house.

Sound cancelling draperies are also a great and cheap option if you want to cancel noise. You can get your hands on sound canceling drapes for as little as 40 bucks on sites like Amazon.

Weather Strip Doors

But, while door construction does play a part in how much noise escapes, most of the noise doesn’t escape through the door itself, but around it. That’s why you should weather strip your doors to block any leaks. The best choice for weather stripping is usually high density foam tape, due to its low cost and availability.

Put Noise Cancelling Doors

Doors are usually the widest opening in walls. For this reason, the choice of doors will have a direct influence on the sound that escapes. Hollow doors allow more sound to leak, so opting for solid doors instead can make a world of difference. Fortunately, switching doors is something you can easily do yourself, whether you’re building or remodeling.

Composite core, Particle board core and solid wood doors work much better at blocking sound than traditional hollow doors, so you should set your eyes on these models instead if soundproofing is a priority. Sure, these options cost more, but solid doors come in a much wider variety of styles as well.


As you see, weatherproofing a house is rather simple. By making a few calculated choices and modifications, you can significantly reduce the amount of noise in your home. And they will improve your quality of life in your household tenfold. The best thing is that most of these modifications are rather simple and can be done yourself, even if you’re on a tight budget. So, if you feel like noise is a major issue in your house, don’t hesitate to use the tips in this article.