Four Essential Interior Design Ideas for Home Sellers


Selling your house to earn immediate cash? Planning to invest on a new and bigger property but you need a downpayment for it? Or maybe you’re migrating to a different country that’s why you need to sell your house or unit. If you’re in any of these circumstances, you’re up for a big competition in the deep and scary real estate industry.

In an urban and small country like Singapore, you compete not only with individuals trying to sell their properties but with established real estate firms, hiring professional interior designers to increase their chances of selling. In fact, the Urban Development Authority reports that the number of re-sale and sub-sale transactions continue to go up.

So today, we’re sharing with you some tips on how to give your property a competitive edge.

Put some guiding elements

When buyers check out a property, they don’t want to see a vacant place without a sense of direction. So your house or apartment unit should give them such. Guide prospective buyers on how they’re going to divide your property into several rooms. Show them where the kitchen should be by installing counters and not removing your stoves and ovens from their places.

Give them an idea which part of the house is well-lit during the day so they’ll know where the living room should be located. Put some dividers to show them that the space can be maximized. These are just some of the ideas to guide the buyer on how he or she should arrange the house.

Minimalist design

When we show prospective buyers around the house, we’d like to leave a great impression. In doing so, sometimes, we think that loud furniture as well as bold and fearless interior design elements will create a big impact. Unfortunately, these might scare the buyer away. Instead of going for loud furniture, choose minimalist designs and monochromatic elements that will give them the much needed space to imagine how they will turn this house into their own. As they say, less is more.

Don’t show too much of yourself

We’re not saying you should hire someone else to show the buyer around the house you’re selling. What we’re saying is to remove all the elements around the house that show too much about you or your family.

While your pictures are instagram-worthy and wonderful to look at, you better put them inside the closet while a prospective buyer is checking your place out. It’s nice to have a book shelf with your favorite collections displayed, but it wouldn’t help too much if your prospective buyer is not a booklover. You may have been collecting action figures for decades now, but you can hide them for a while so as not to discourage someone who has zero interest in toys. With these figures in your living room, he might even think that your place is too cluttered or too small.

Clean and elegant bathrooms

Man or woman, mother or father, he or she would always check the bathroom. Make a great impression by thoroughly cleaning every part of it down to the smallest detail. Put all the essentials in there, including the towel holder, tissue holder, and spacious bathroom shelves. Make the whole area stylish and add fragrance by putting some fresh and elegant-smelling deodorizers.