Energy efficient windows: the essentials

With heating bills rising, particularly during the winter months, it is great to know there are ways to cut the bills. Simple steps can be taken, such as switching off lights and electrical appliances when they are not being used, and turning off the central heating when you are out of the house. However, a lot of heat escapes through the windows, so it is well worth investing in energy efficient glazing and frames to cut your energy bills as well as to reduce your carbon footprint.

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Benefits of energy efficient windows

As well as seeing lower utility bills, there are many other benefits to installing energy efficient windows. For a start, your home will feel more comfortable, warm and cosy. There will be less heat flying out through the windows, fewer draughts and less cold spots in your home. Good windows also mean more peace and quiet. You should notice that you hear less external noise such as traffic, because the windows are insulating your home. Another plus is less condensation on the inside of your windows.

How does it work?

Double glazed windows are formed of two sheets of glass with a small gap in between them which acts as an insulating barrier, keeping heat in. Some have gas such as argon or krypton in the gaps to increase their efficiency. Triple glazed windows have three panes of glass.

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Calculate your savings

You can see how much you will save through energy efficient windows by using an energy savings calculator online. You can also put in the estimated cost of replacing your windows to see how long it will take you to recoup your investment through savings on your energy bills.

Types of designs

You will find a wide range of windows to suit all properties. Whether you live in a period cottage or an ultra-minimalist pod, there will be windows to suit your home and preferences. These come in a range of materials and colours. If you are looking for double glazing in Leicester, you will find a great supply of energy efficient windows at a company like

Get it framed

Choose your frame carefully. Wooden frames need maintenance but have a lower impact on the environment, while uPVC frames are long lasting and may be recycled. Aluminium or steel frames are also long-lasting and can be recycled.