Common uses of silicone

Silicone is a high-performing material that can be found in many products and in many industries. Here are a few examples of silicone use:

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Silicone is a material that can withstand extreme stress and extremes of temperature, so it isn’t surprising that it has seen applications in aircraft. You will find silicone in the adhesives and sealants for aircraft doors, windows, fuel tanks, wings, wiring and even the black boxes.

Building and construction

Sealants and coatings made from silicone are used heavily in the construction industry with concrete, glass steel and other building materials to great success. They are used to protect buildings and other structures from environmental degradation such as heat, moisture, corrosion and damage from sunlight.

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ICT applications

Silicone is increasingly being used in the electronics that we use in our everyday lives. Sealants and adhesives are used in circuitry and microprocessors. They are used because they protect against moisture, corrosion, heat and contamination. In addition to internal applications, silicone is being used to make the casing of mobile phones and keyboards.


In the medical industry, a silicone hose manufacturer such as will supply medical grade tubing for use in hospitals and other facilities. Silicone is used in wound healing and in medical devices such as pacemakers. It is also used in topical creams to avoid greasy textures.

In the home

Silicone is ideal for use in cookware. It increases its sturdiness and is resistant to heat, making it ideal for spatulas and other implements used in cooking. They are easy to clean and last a long time. Silicone is also used in cleaning products and polishes that leave a shiny surface and are easy to spread. In addition, it is used in fabric softeners to maintain the appearance of items.


Silicone is used in the manufacture of paper and film. It resists humidity and heat, so it is used for the production of stickers, labels and other adhesives such as tape and sticky notes.

Personal care

Look through your bathroom cabinet, and you will find silicone in many of the products you use. It is used in shampoo to increase shine and in antiperspirants to remove the white residue. It is also used in creams and makeup as it makes them easier to apply without irritation.