Vinyl Flooring for a Luxurious Look and Feel to your Home

Gone are the days when vinyl floors were considered to be the cheapest flooring option. With new developments in manufacturing vinyl floors, there are now more options available to discriminating buyers looking for excellent quality materials at a lesser cost. With skyrocketing prices of materials needed for constructing a home, it is best to look for ways to save money without sacrificing quality.

Vinyl floors are deemed to be one of the most durable materials for flooring. They are widely used in commercial spaces, kitchens, and other areas of the home where there is heavy foot traffic. Vinyl is also water and stain resistant which makes it desirable for homeowners with kids and pets. In the past, vinyl used to get a bad reputation for looking synthetic. Yes, it is made of synthetic materials but new vinyl products have been developed to address this issue.

Two Types of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl tiles look like ceramic or stone tiles. They are manufactured with natural colours and texture that look like the real thing. Luxury vinyl planks are luxury vinyl flooring that looks like real wood. The surface texture of the plank is often embossed or scraped to give a realistic effect. Luxury vinyl planks and tiles are installed in sophisticated ways resulting in stunning floors.

Advantages of Luxury Vinyl Tile and Planks

The biggest advantage of both types of vinyl floors is the visual appeal. It may be slightly pricier than traditional vinyl but the luxurious effect makes it extremely desirable to homeowners. Due to the thicker material used, it is also more resistant to damage, stains, and has improved sound absorption. It is also highly resistant to water damage making it ideal for kitchens and virtually any area of the home.

Disadvantages of Luxury Vinyl Tile and Planks

One reminder when installing vinyl floor is regarding the quality of subfloor. Any imperfections beneath the installation will be visible on the surface of the vinyl. It is also important that vinyl is installed in areas where the temperature is constant since the quality of the material will be affected. You can do a moisture test of the surface before installing vinyl to prevent any issues with the floor post-installation.

Luxury vinyl floors are indeed a great alternative to pricier flooring options. With the ease of maintenance and durability, it is a great choice for any part of a home. Make sure that you buy vinyl flooring only from trusted manufacturers. You must compare quality and prices before buying from a supplier. You must also ensure that you hire a professional to install the floor because careful installation greatly affects the final result.