What colour shall I choose next?

Colouring in was deemed to be the play thing of children. Well not anymore. There is evidence to suggest that colouring in and doodling can actual help with your mental wellbeing whatever your age. Colours themselves have the ability to be able to enhance or decrease the mood we are in and colour can be found anywhere. Whether it is looking at a beautiful sunset making you feel loved or the light streaming through some antique crystal chandeliers and creating a rainbow effect. Much like the chandeliers you can find at http://roccoborghese.com/crystal-chandeliers/borghesina-classica/

Art therapy has been around for decades and is the act of making and creating artwork and using them to explore feeling, reduce anxiety and to manage behaviours and addictions amongst other things. Art therapy is a tool used by therapists and whilst colouring in on your own can not be described as art therapy it has definite benefits to help mood levels, reduce anxiety and stress, aid restful sleep and can help you become more mindful. Mandala colouring in particular isthought to be the most effective at reduce stress and anxiety levels. This is in part due to the geometric patterns that are found in mandalas.

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Mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety and PTSD can leave the person dealing with these issues feeling like they are out of control. It is this lack of control that seems to feed both anxiety and PTSD. It is also control that can be helped the most during colouring. The fact that you are controlling how the image in front of you takes shape, the medium you use to colour it with and the colours you choose can help to reduce the feelings of swimming inside your head and body.

The reason why colouring for adults is so effective is that it takes away the need for any artistic flair or natural artistic talent. We all have memories of sitting in art class in school next to the person who seems to be able to turn their hand to any given art product and produces amazing works of art whilst we sit next to them and struggle to draw even a decent stick person! Gone is the need for this feeling of inadequacy or competition with colouring. The image is already formed in front of us it is merely our personality, feelings at the time and access to a full and vibrant pencil case that will determine what the final product will look like in terms of colour choices.

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So next time you are feeling a bit overwhelmed instead of reach for the television remote and surfing the channels why not grab a colour page and some pencils and see how it goes.