Six Ways to Use Industrial Shelving in Your Kitchen

Industrial shelving is a durable and useful form of storage, but that isn’t all. It is also aesthetically pleasing in a minimalist, practical way, and it is very affordable, which makes it the perfect type of storage for the kitchen.

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Not convinced? Here are six innovative ways in which you can use industrial shelving in your kitchen.

Shelves for Heavy Items

Industrial wire shelving can hold a lot of weight, so it is the ideal shelf for heavy items such as a bread maker or a mixer. The industrial look can also work really well with stainless steel appliances, especially in a modern home!

To Create Extra Space

If you don’t have much counter space in your kitchen, you can use wire shelves to create some extra space. For instance, you could use a wire rack to hold the microwave or a toaster oven.

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To Organize Small Items

Wire shelves are ideal for storing smaller items such as plates, cutlery, snacks and condiments. Simply organise the items properly so that they all within easy reach. The open shelf design also makes it easier for you to find things, as even when the shelf is fully loaded, it will still let a lot of light in.

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A Hidden Pantry

You can also use industrial shelving to create a hidden pantry that exists in plain sight. This is because you can buy wire shelves in black and white as well as grey, so when they are put against a wall of the same colour they virtually disappear. This will make a small kitchen feel less cluttered.

Wall Storage

Another benefit of wire shelves is that they can be used to create wall storage. This is because the wire shelves are very tough, so they can easily hold heavy items when they are attached to the wall – and the light design of the shelf means that it is very easy to attach it to the wall. This is perfect for small kitchens without much floor space, as it adds extra storage space without removing any floor space.

Base for Hanging Pots

You can also use wire shelves as a base for hanging pots: simply attach S hooks to the bottom of the wire shelf.