Types of Finishing by Teak Furniture Manufacturer

When you are looking for long lasting furniture with visually pleasing presentation, many people will suggest teak furniture. This wood type contains high level of natural oil that is able to block water and prevent your furniture from rotting, even if you place it under extreme weather. The oil content also reduces chance of cracking and splitting. To further beautify its products, teak furniture exporter will do certain finishing at the end of production process. The finishing step will determine how your furniture will look like and function. Let’s learn some types of furnishings so you will make better decision when shopping for teak wood furniture.

Four Common Finishing by Teak Furniture Manufacturer

Knowing types of finishing done to teak wood furniture is quite important for a consumer, especially if you are working on custom-made furniture. You need to know how the finish product will work since you will place it in your house. Here are four common finishing done by teak furniture manufacturer.

  • Oil Finishing

Oil-based finishing works better on teak since the wood contains high amount of natural oil. The finishing will be able to penetrate between wood grains then solidify. It makes the protection layered inside and out for maximum effect. Oil finishing is perfect for outdoor furniture. The reason is furniture with this finishing can handle water and sunlight better. Teak furniture with oil finishing will not look glossy. Tung and lemon oils are among the most common oil finishing materials for teak wood.

  • Lacquer Finishing

Lacquer finishing is another type of finishing often done by teak furniture manufacturer. This finishing works best for indoor furniture or trims. It does not penetrate the wood as good as oil finishing products. However, the consistency is light enough for it to seep into the pores. This finishing also cuts production time since it dries in shorter amount of time. Lacquer is also easier to work on. The glossy look comes in three different options: high, medium, and satin gloss. Wood lacquer is the best product for this finishing.

  • Marine Varnish Finishing

Just like its name suggests, marine varnish is regularly used to finish teak woodwork on boats and decks. However, teak furniture manufacturer also uses it for outdoor trims and furniture finishing. Marine varnish has oil content from tree resin and drying substance. It can penetrate wood fibers well. This finishing process takes a long time. However, the result is fantastic. Once the coating has dried, the exterior will have glossy and hardened surface. Because of that, teak wood with marine varnish is highly capable of repelling water.

  • Natural Darkening

If you want to maintain the organic look of your teak wood furniture, natural darkening is a finishing type that you should look for. When the tree is freshly cut it will have light brown tone. After few weeks of exposure to sunlight, this color will darken until it reaches dark brown tone. Teak furniture manufacturer can maintain the lighter color if you wish to, but over the next few years the furniture will still darken naturally.