Things That Can Damage Concrete Flooring

Though considered to be one of the most durable construction materials, there are some conditions that can cause damage to your concrete floor. If not handled in time, they have the potential to reduce the lifespan of the concrete and even give your compound an unpleasant look. Some of the things that can cause such damage include:

  1. Water seepage

Leakage in floors does not automatically mean poor construction. Aging of the floors can also lead to moisture leaks. However, do not dismiss the factor of insufficient waterproofing if the floors haven’t stayed long. Seepage can lead to scaling of the floor surface. Mold growth is also a massive possibility if realized late.

  1. Weight

Concrete is a secure material to use, but it is not indestructible. The weight concrete can withstand is limited, beyond which, cracking is inevitable. In a household setting, you can restrict yourself to furniture in the interior and patio. Allow sizeable vehicles into your driveway while avoiding heavy trucks. In an industrial environment, heavy machinery storage can be within rooms without concrete flooring.

  1. Extreme temperature and weather conditions

Freeze and thaw action on concrete flooring leads to expansion of cracks during cold seasons. Acute exposure to sunlight will not only cause cracking but also discoloration of the floor surface. This will mostly affect exterior spaces such as driveways and patios. Sealing is essential to protect your flooring from direct interactions of concrete and weather elements.

  1. Use of strong detergents

Cleaning is a crucial part of concrete floor maintenance. However, unnecessary usage of strong chemicals every time you clean will damage the floor structure. They increase the corrosive activity on the floor, which, with time, will lead to gradual peeling away from the concrete top. This leads to dusting and floor unevenness. Use the chemicals only when it extremely necessary.

Some of the mistakes that lead to damaging floors are avoidable. concrete franklin tn is a guru in the concrete field and will explain how you can avert the damages caused by the factors listed above.