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How To Identify A Locksmith Scam

Many people fear these group of professional s called locksmiths, same as they fear some doctors, movers and other professionals due to the increasing rates of scammers that pose as professionals. Maybe you have fallen victim before and now you feel like you should learn how to do everything on your own and never to call for help. However, you cannot know everything so at some point you will need help. Say, you have locked your key in the house and you can’t get in the house any other way, you don’t have a spare key, you’ll need a locksmith. We can’t do without getting help, so it is only wise that we learn how to identify a scammers, locksmith scammers for this case.

Check out for these red flags

  1. The company name is just a geographical area

Many locksmith companies you see online are not locksmith companies at all but call centers that get requests for a locksmith and immediately subcontract you to a locksmith. You will notice from the name that they cover a very large geographical area since they can subcontract all their work. A company whose only suggests the geographical area, say “Efficient Houston Locksmiths” or “Best Texas Locksmiths” is most likely a scam, end your call.

  1. The receiver avoids mentioning the actual name of the company

When you call any genuine company the receiver stats off with their name and the companies name, for instance, “Hello, Travis Webb, Palm Springs Locksmith company” . But when the receiver only identifies themselves locksmith only, Hello, Locksmith”, probably you have called a call center who is ready to subcontract to locksmiths. They never want to say the actual name of the company.

  1. Multiple call transfers

Locksmith call centers will have to transfer you to many channels as they refer you to the locksmith within your zip code. Legitimate locksmiths will transfer you once, but when the transfers are more than twice, it is a red flag.

Select a Roofing Company for Your Home

On average, your roof should last for about 30 years or more, if well taken care of. However, maintaining the roof can be a tricky task because of the severe environmental conditions it is exposed to. However, there are roofing companies that provide home improvement services for roofs. There are many roofing companies present in the market and choosing the best can be a daunting task. This article has discussed some of the things that you should know before choosing a roofing company.

Have a clear understanding of what you want

It is important to have a clear understanding of the type of service you need to be done on your roof before you call the contractor. Most contractors will take advantage of you if they realize that you do not understand the main issue you want worked on, on your roof. You will be made to believe that there are more problems on your roof hence you’ll spend more than you should.

Beware of bad contractors

It is Important to understand the indicators of a bad roofing contractor so that you do not contract with them. A bad roofing contractor will most likely not be licensed by the relevant legal bodies. They also do not like discussing the costs involved before you sign the contract so that they can lure you easily into signing the contract. You can also go through reviews made by customers, a bad contractor will have many negative remarks directed towards them.

Understand the terms outlined in their insurance policies

A roofing company’s insurance policy is crucial in their operations. You should choose a contractor whose insurance policy covers both them and you. You should also ensure that the insurance is functional and has been serviced, by asking for documents that can prove so.

A contractor should also have a warranty for the services they offer. This is an indicator that they offer good quality work.

Tips for an amazing exterior home paint job


Getting an exterior paint job is one of the most neglected portions when building a home. You will find that most people would rather spend highly on interior materials than painting the exterior side of their home. Having a beautiful exterior creates good and lasting first impressions. You can achieve this by giving the exterior part of your house a good paint job. Here are some of the important things you should consider before you start painting this part.


It is important to consider the weather before you start to paint the exterior parts because the paint is highly reactive to some factors like moisture and temperature. Painting under bad weather conditions will produce poor results. The most appropriate temperatures for painting are at least 50 faradays and during dry seasons.

Cleaning process

You should paint only on a clean surface. This makes the paint to hold onto the wall for a longer period. You can decide to use a pressure washer to clean the walls so that you do not get into contact with the chemicals used in cleaning.

Work on the cracks

An excellent paint job requires that your wall is in good condition. You should ensure that you have repaired any cracks on your wall before you begin to paint. You can contact a professional to help you seal the cracks if they are extensive. You can get good painters in Cherry Hill, NJ here.

Use a primer

This might seem like a waste of funds but it is quite important. You will find that most parts of the wall are not smooth hence consuming more paint. Applying a primer ensures that your wall is more adhesive making it a better surface for painting.

Use quality paint and tools

You are going to find a wide range of paints on the market. It is important that you know which ones are of high quality and specifically designed for exterior painting. Quality paint makes your home more beautiful and it also has more power to withstand harmful external environments.

Why You Should Add Tomatoes In Your Diet

Whether you keep wondering, “is the tomato a fruit or a vegetable”, one thing is for sure, this mystical presents from nature have many health benefits. In fact they are amazingly versatile such that they can be prepared in a number of dishes as well as eating them alone. Here is why you need to stop putting tomatoes away and make it part of your regular diet.

1. Tomatoes are good for the skin

Lycopene, a substance found in tomatoes is used in making many facial cleansers that are very pricy. So you can try tomatoes for skin care. Start with about eight to twelve tomatoes, peel them then place the skin on your face with the inside part touching your skin. Leave the tomatoes on for about ten minutes then wash the face.

2. Tomatoes help in preventing several types of cancer.

Quite a number of studies have been done that show that the high levels of lycopene found in tomatoes are also great at reducing the chances of your suffering from prostate, stomach and colorectal cancer. Lycopene is an antioxidant; it works well to slow the growth of cancerous cells. Cooked tomatoes produce more lycopene so you can go ahead and go ahead and cook your dad’s favorite, tomato soup.

3. Tomatoes are nourishment for strong bones

Apart from lycopene, tomatoes also have good amounts of calcium and vitamin k. These nutrients are vital in strengthening the bones and doing more repairs on them as well as the bone tissues.

4. Tomatoes are good for smokers

No, tomatoes do not help you quit smoking but it can help in reducing the amount of damage that smoking causes to your body. Tomatoes have chlorogenic and coumaric acids that protect the body from the harmful carcinogens that come from cigarette smoking.

Abusing coming from setting up an office in Hong Kong

Abusing the Corporate doctrines and some legal proceedings pertaining to this abuse

We have outlined, corporate law, discussed doctrines of separate entity and limited liability in our previous blogs. But, we must not ignore the probability of Corporate frauds, yes, they do happen after setting up an office in Hong Kong and more interestingly, happens abusing the duo of above-mentioned doctrines

How this abuse happens- General Views

Duo of separate entity and limited liability can be mortal, though it has chain of benefits, but, still prone to abuse. Let’s understand it with the example, where company’s capital starts to shrink after setting up an office in Hong Kong, not surprisingly but with the mal-intention, so that company may bankrupt, and deficiency of funds would lead to the situation where company does not have enough funds to meet the claims of creditors. An example in Hong Kong absorbs this idea of abuse where restaurant was being operated through a company, owners of the restaurant closed the business with wages and other payments, left unpaid, just for the fact that they may replicate the business model, and may have no competitor against them, quite a selfish approach- but probability of selfishness do exist in corporate world.

It was then sought that, this abuse can be prevented for Hong Kong businessmen after their setting up an office in Hong Kong with the help of doctrine named “Doctrine of Piercing or Lifting Corporate” which provides the provision to impose liability of the company to the person managing it, they can either be the shareholders or directors of the company. This doctrine deems to negate the concept where company, is treated like a separate person. There is a matter of notice which prohibits use of this doctrine to amend trust law or other company’s law, this must be remembered that this doctrine is meant only to expose the faces behind corporate frauds and nothing more than it. Therefore, there is a need for proper definition of this doctrine so that it may too, do not get abused.

Doctrine of Lifting Corporate Veil with reference to Common Law

Possibility exists where this doctrine may prone to abuse too and therefore, piercing of corporate veil must be subjected to exceptional circumstances only as long as Hong Kong small business start up has been operated. Uncertainty in application of this doctrine exists, on the grounds, of being this law very confusing. It’s the believe of the Court, this doctrine be applying, in only those cases where justice demands it, but it is certain that justice might support the principles on which this doctrine considers to be applied and therefore, just to serve justice, court is not entitled to apply this law.

Company- A Sham?

To test the situation that whether there is need to apply this doctrine exists or not? The House of Lords, formulated the test which suggests that “Piercing of Corporate Veil” should only be applied even for a Hong Kong small business start up, where there is possibility of concealment of facts by the company and company be regarded as sham. Calling company- a sham? Isn’t it humiliating to the company who has met all the requirements of the companies ordinance and incorporated as a result of this fulfilment of these requirements? Yes, this do sound humiliating and supports the view emphasising on the caution before piercing the corporate veil.

In Winland Enterprises Group Inc v Wex Pharmaceuticals Inc, Hong Kong’s court of appeal acknowledged the fact that: “Piercing of corporate veil should be used carefully and must be used only, where there is cover of the controller to dodge any legal obligation or liability”.

During the proceding Hashem v Shayif, Munby J reviewed English cases implying use of this doctrine and he concluded some principles under which, this piercing of corporate veil is allowed:

  • Just because justice demands it, Court is not entitled to use pierce the corporate veil.

  • For any offensiveness, piercing of veil can be sought.

  • Just because of company’s presence in the offensiveness, court cannot pierce the corporate veil. There is the need of having this linked to company’s structure to vague liability.

  • It is mandatory for the court to show the control of both offenders and offensiveness, in case Piercing of corporate veil deems applicable.

  • It should be established that were there any disguise at the time of transaction or not? because Company is façade, even it was not initially incorporated with the intention of fraudulency.

  • If court intends to provide remedy against the fraudulent act of the company’s controller, in such scenario, Piercing of Corporate Veil can be invoked.

There is the need to take notice of one establishment that, invoking doctrine of Piercing corporate veil for one reason, should not be considered as it was invoked for all other reasons too, as all principles extends to the circumstances and no confusion is deemed to exist there.

During the prosecution of Prest v Petrodel Resources Ltd. Majority of the UK’s Supreme Court admired the provision of “Piercing of Corporate Veil” with the emphasis on the fact that its use must be restricted to the conditions where no other law is applicable, as this doctrine is not meant to abuse other laws, but to facilitate justice in case of non-availability of any other law. Not all finds their self in consensus with others opinion and here, Lord Sumption showed his disagreement with these views and deemed to confine the scope of this doctrine and in his arguments, he said “referring to the cases where corporate veil was pierced, there were the involvement of either concealment principle or evasion principle. He, then explained Envasion Principle by saying:

The court may pierce the corporate veil, if it intends to make the company’s executive and company itself, deprived of advantage of company, being a separate legal entity being consideration as to like more cases for Hong Kong small business start up. The principle is limited one and it has been seen that where the test is satisfied, the facts disclose a legal relationship between a company and its controller thus making piercing of corporate veil unnecessary. But remaining cases of said category recognises the abuse of this corporate veil to frustrate the law and this issue can be addressed by disregarding the legal personality of the company, which, I, believe consistent with the authority and long-standing principles of legal policy” as far as concealment principle is concerned, he says that this principle does not involve use of this doctrine. But, Lord Sumption discouraged the suppression of identity of real actors responsible for this corporate abuse and must not be given opportunity to hide behind this principle of concealment.

Extending his views, Lord Sumption said:

Court deems to look for the facts which corporate structure tends to conceal and thus Court is not ignoring corporate façade”. He was not alone in his view; Lord Neuberger joined and extends his agreement with Lord Sumption’s views on evasion principle.